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From an idea to a turn-key implementation


Turning to the Eridon Bud company for a complex engineering you will get a full range of services

Starting with front-end engineering design and ending with object commissioning. Many years’ experience allows us to project and build objects of any difficulty level. 

Complex engineering from Eridon Bud includes such phases of service provision:

Pre-design phase — object analysis, technico-economical optimization and pre-project planning.

Design phase — development of a project and documentation, graphical representations, recommended guidelines and budget determination

Post-design stage — organizational and tendering process, project appraisal, seeking for necessary approvals, execution of building works, object commissioning, staff training and service.

«Eridon Bud» We build the future with you

Front-end engineering design services help to solve a number of important tasks:

1) Searching for unique solutions for a particular project

2) Сost planning — selection of materials and equipment taking into account the budget of a customer

3) Standards compliance of project documents

4) reducing of a project deadline 

Complex engineering from Eridon Bud is the assurance that your project will be implemented qualitatively and meet the deadline.

Ordering engineering services from Eridon Bud you get:

Complex approach

Our experts control all the building processes

A team of professionals

The experience of our experts guarantee the qualitative implementation of engineering services on all phases of building

Assurance in quality

After 5 years of work on the engineering services market we got the priceless experience which can guarantee the reliability of our work

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Installation of equipment for "BAKAI-AGRO" LLC

Belenka village. Zaporizhzhia region.

The irrigation project for "BAKAI AGRO" LLC in the Zaporizhzhia region was implemented in several stages, in particular, in the first of them, at the beginning of the summer of 2018, one sprinkler was installed on the existing pipeline network. This machine has a length of 460 m with a consumption of 440 m3/h. and it is continuous, which makes it possible to irrigate two fields in one irrigation cycle. In order to ensure such consumption, RKD engineers resorted to a clever idea with double sprinklers.

And already in May 2019, the project was replenished with three more sprinkler machines RKD CP460m, RKD CP474m, RKD CP482m.

The total irrigated area is 380 hectares.

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