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Correct organization of contractor’s work is the basis of the successful building

General contract is considered to be the top of building services, because exactly the engineering-procurement-construction company organizes all the working processes and is responsible for a project.

Eridon Bud specializes in construction of commercial buildings that are used for commercial purposes. We provide the whole complex of services: from

projecting to commissioning of a turn-key facility.

Choosing our company as a general contractor you get a reliable partner with the perfect reputation and many years of experience. We organize the work of subcontractors on the building site efficiently and qualitatively and solve technical tasks of any level of difficulty.


Eridon Bud We build the future with you

Eridon Bud carries out 7 main tasks of general contract:

1) Adherence to timescales – we thoroughly plan and control all stages of construction in order to complete a project in time.

2) Financial planning – we control all working expenses pointed in a plan – it provides the regular financing of a project.

3) Quality and effectiveness – every stage of building is checked up by experts, which assesses the quality of work and building normalcy.

4) Personnel safety – we are responsible for following the safety rules and labor protection requirements on the building site. 

5) Environmental protection – we organize work package which reduces negative impact on the environment. 

6) Communication – we coordinate the information exchange about working procedures among subcontracting organizations.

7) Putting the tur-key facilities into service.

General contract from Eridon Bud is

A comprehensive approach

From the moment of a general contract formation we are completely responsible for the construction process and the final result

Self-discipline and efficiency

The experience of work with the large-scale projects and a comprehensive approach allows us to achieve quick, qualitative and well-coordinated work in building

Adherence to timescales

More than 30 items of construction equipment, our own mobile concrete plant with 60 m3/h productive efficiency, thorough planning and control of conducted works allow to implement a project in time

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General contracting is the process of organizing construction, in which the general contractor plays the main role. It is he who is engaged in building a model of interaction between participants in the construction process from the moment the task is set to the moment the object is handed over to the customer.

Installation of equipment for "BAKAI-AGRO" LLC

Belenka village. Zaporizhzhia region.

The irrigation project for "BAKAI AGRO" LLC in the Zaporizhzhia region was implemented in several stages, in particular, in the first of them, at the beginning of the summer of 2018, one sprinkler was installed on the existing pipeline network. This machine has a length of 460 m with a consumption of 440 m3/h. and it is continuous, which makes it possible to irrigate two fields in one irrigation cycle. In order to ensure such consumption, RKD engineers resorted to a clever idea with double sprinklers.

And already in May 2019, the project was replenished with three more sprinkler machines RKD CP460m, RKD CP474m, RKD CP482m.

The total irrigated area is 380 hectares.

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Ambulant clinic (a social project)

Pochuyky village, Zhytomyr region

The overall area is 454,5 м2

The total cost of construction is 7,2 million hryvnias 

Around 2 thousand people from 4 villages of Popelnyansky district are served in the clinic.

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Complex of buildings and constructions of dairy farms on the territory. The first stage

Pochuyky village, Popelnyansky district, Zhytomyr region

The land plot area is 11,1 ha

The overall area is 32 763,5 m2

It is intended for 1000 heads of milking herd

The complex includes a stock breeding complex with a capacity for 500 heads, calf pen, calving pen, machine and tractor fleet, feed section and feed factory, two grain containers, 3 hay storages, 4 bunker siloes, 2 lagoons.

The amount of investment is about 160 million UAH, 80 million from which are the cost of a stock breeding complex.

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Enlargement of SPKZ. Construction of grain products factory. A grain storage

Pyryatyn, Poltava region

The land plot area is 6 427 m2

The road surface area is 557 m2

The pedestrian way area is 915 m2

The green area is 930 m2

The overall area is 1 456,3 m2

The executive area is 3 107 m2

The construction period (the year of finishing): 16.05.2018 – 01.09.2018 

The capacity of grain silos is 23 985 m2

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Reconstruction of a retail and office complex into an office center

Kyiv region, Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi distric, Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, Velyka kiltseva st, 7

The building area is 530,7 m2

The green area is 485,9 m2

The pedestrian way area is 573,6 m2

The road surface area is 731,5 m2

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