Turnkey construction of grain elevators, seed plants and feed mills

What is implemented 7 grain elevator projects, 2 seed plants projects and 3 feed mills projects

Be sure of the quality, produce on your own manufacturing plant


The agricultural sector develops at a rapid rate every year

It's profitable for farmers to build their own grain storages or elevators. In such a way you save money on grain handling and drying, also you are able to control commercial quality better. Besides, you can calmly wait until a better price for your products is offered without any reduction in yields.

The Eridon Bud company specializes in

turnkey construction of grain elevators, seed plants and feed mills.

Projects of the grain elevators are developed according to an individual preliminary specification and meet all customer’s requirements. Eridon Bud seed plants are completely automatic therefore the products meet the international quality standards.

Eridon Bud We build the future with you

A completed manufacturing entity which produces products is the result of work of Eridon Bud

The high level of automatization will reduce the influence of a human factor, simplify the processes and guarantee the high quality of products. Eridon Bud grain elevators, seed plants and feed mills are simple to operate, reliable and have a high level of energy efficiency. 

Besides Eridon Bud modernize and reconstruct the mixed feed industry.

We use the equipment of such proven brands as Ottevanger Milling Engineers, Yemmak, Buschhoff, Bühler.

We have a track record of a number of successfully implemented projects. We will prepare for you technico-economical optimization, analyze the market, help you to obtain the certification and arrange all stages of a plant construction.

«Eridon Bud» feed factory is


Ability to produce mixed fodder of different structure for domestic animals and birds


A personally owned factory allows to save money on technological processes


A personally owned production allows to control quality of a product at all stages of production


The equipment for grain elevators, seed plants and feed mills is delivered to anywhere in Ukraine in the short terms because we value our customers


We offer the whole complex of services of equipment selection, delivery and assemblage of grain elevators, seed plants and feed mills


Warranty and post-warranty services include: guidance of customer’s personnel, periodic inspections, replacement and maintenance of accessory equipment

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Turnkey construction of elevators, feed and seed factories


Turnkey construction of an elevator

A well-designed and built elevator can pay for itself in 3 years, subject to favorable weather conditions and adequate prices for products. At the same time, the elevator can simplify the harvesting process, reducing the risk of losses and increasing profitability.


Turnkey construction of a feed mill

The construction of a feed mill is one of the most promising areas in the agricultural sector, because the presence of its own production base significantly increases the level of control over the quality of manufactured products and allows you to create a production with high added value.


Turnkey construction of a seed plant

The construction of a seed plant can be considered the most exotic type of all industrial facilities in the agricultural sector, because there are not many players in this area yet. At the same time, high-quality seed material is one of the key factors in the high yield of grain crops.

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