Construction of livestock farms and equipment for cattle farms

What is implemented 4 farming projects in Ukraine

Zimmermann is the decision of careful farmers


Livestock raising is one of the priority areas of agriculture in Ukraine

Modern technologies allow to automate work of dairy farms and, as a result, increase their productivity and income. For livestock breeding complex modernizing it’s necessary to use equipment of proven brands because qualitative equipment guarantee smooth operation. 

More than for 5 years Eridon Bud successfully projects and builds turn-key farms for cattle

and provides with equipment of proven brands. Every project is a creative decision which is appropriate for solving tasks of your business. For modern enterprises we recommend to use Zimmermann equipment, reliability of which is known all over the world. The productivity of farming household increases with such supplies.

Eridon Bud We build the future with you

Modern equipment is the right way for development of Ukrainian farming

Eridon Bud installs and assemblage equipment which is supplied from abroad: 

- control systems (boxes, fence, floor)

- feeding (batchers, mangers)

- ventilations (ventilation curtain and light-aeration roof ridge installation)

- livestock watering 

- manure removal systems etc

We will help you to create a modern automatized livestock breeding complex for the most reasonable price. 


Working with professionals guarantees high results

Eridon Bud directly supplies equipment to Zimmermann, a recognized world leader. Zimmermann farm equipment takes into account the anatomical features of animals, allows efficient use of space, increases the immunity of animals and significantly reduces the burden on the veterinarian.

Healthy animals are the key to high productivity and predictably high performance, which increases the profitability of farms and reduces the payback period of the project, as well as does not require additional investments after the launch of the project.

Eridon Bud will help to create a modern technological livestock complex at the most favorable price. At the same time, everything will be done efficiently and on time. We help build a profitable business.

Zimmermann equipment is:

Modern technologies

Automatization of production processes increases productivity of farming enterprises

German quality

The brand’s equipment is known as one of the best for livestock enterprises

А wide array of choices

All necessary equipment for livestock enterprises helps to create a turn-key farm within specified time limits


We will deliver Zimmermann equipment to anywhere in Ukraine


We provide with a service package wich includes equipment selection, delivery and assemblage


Scheduled maintenance will allow you to avoid unpredictable situations and extend equipment life

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Construction of livestock farms

The construction of a livestock farm should begin with the calculation of profitability, which will be directly affected by the location of the facility, its size and productivity. Pre-design works will help to understand the problem areas of the future object and suggest options for solving possible difficulties.


Equipment for livestock farms

Equipment for cattle farms must take into account the anatomy of animals, be reliable, modular and ergonomic. Modern equipment allows you to automate farms (eg, dairy), which significantly reduces the number of staff and increases productivity.


The cost of building a cattle farm

The cost of building a farm depends on factors such as the location of the farm (logistics) and the availability of communications (there is, or need to build), the complexity of the landscape (plain or hilly terrain) and project size (the larger the project, the lower the cost per head) , the method of keeping (tethered or untied) and the goals of the farm (dairy farm, or meat), the presence of additional units (eg, maternity), etc.

Reconstruction of a dairy farm

Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi district of Kyiv region

Land area: 15 hectares

Road surface: 11,200 m2

Total area of buildings: 15,623 m2

Construction date (year of completion): October 2018

Productivity storage capacity or how many heads are designed (as an option): 1100 cows

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