Turnkey construction of hangar granaries

Optimal solution for grain storage


Projection and construction of granaries

And equipment supply for modernizing a construction entity. Your own granary allows to control the process of grain preservation, adhere to the necessary conditions of preserving grain in granary and increase marketability,

in other words, to sell grain at any convenient time for you.

Carrying about your business, «Eridon Bud» supplies with modern JEMA Agro conveyor units.

«Eridon Bud» cares about your business

Eridon Bud supplies with:

- JEMA transportation systems for grain;

- JEMA belt-type conveyors, drag-type conveyors, chain conveyors and bucket elevators.

«ERIDON BUD» experts will deliver and set up all necessary equipment for grain storage taking into consideration the objectives of your unit.

Our turn-key hangars are completed with special equipment for grain storage:

- ventilation systems;

- grain temperature detector systems and humidity control systems



JEMA Agro transportation systems


JEMA Agro conveyors


JEMA Agro bucket elevators


Transportation systems

Choosing JEMA Agro transportation systems, you get:

Reliable equipment

Compliance with European standards

Quick payback

Productivity of equipment allows to get the maximal income in short terms

А wide array of choices

A wide range of JEMA Agro transportation systems can satisfy even the most demanding customers


We deliver all necessary equipment to anywhere in Ukraine


We provide with a service package wich includes equipment selection, delivery and assemblage


Our service backup guarantees exploitability of settled up equipment

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