Equipment for grain transportation

Turn-key modernization of granaries


Eridon Bud is one of the leading grain transportation companies in Ukraine.

We offer individual solutions not only for farm households but also for manufacturing companies. Eridon Bud drag conveyors and norias for grain have high performance characteristics, power, optimized for your production, and meet all safety standards

Thanks to our own production we are able to project turn-key drag conveyors for grain with different characteristics. Drag conveyors and norias are distinguished by the high quality and fabricability, it makes them become a perfect variant for new plants and for modernizing conveyor belt lines

Eridon Bud We build the future with you

Are you going to modernize a granary? Then you came to the right place!

Eridon Bud produces norias for transportation of grain to the height of 60 m with capacity of 1000 t/h. Norias for grain are completed with metal or polyurethane buckets, as a customer chooses. 

Polyurethane buckets don’t cause grain damage thus maintaining its quality.

Beside production of equipment for grain transportation, Eridon Bud provides with assemblage services and commissioning works.

Eridon Bud experts will deliver and assemble any grain transportation supply onsite qualitatively and on time.

Drag conveyors and norias


Drag conveyors


Drag conveyors





Equipment which works for your business


We guarantee the quality and exploitability


Dozens of successfully implemented projects confirm professionalism of our experts

Reasonable price

We found a perfect quality-to-price ratio of our products


We deliver all necessary equipment to anywhere in Ukraine as fast as possible


We offer the whole complex of services of equipment selection, delivery and assemblage


Performance of a regular work will allow you to avoid unpredictable situations and extend equipment life

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Enlargement of SPKZ. Construction of grain products factory. A grain storage

Pyryatyn, Poltava region

The land plot area is 6 427 m2

The road surface area is 557 m2

The pedestrian way area is 915 m2

The green area is 930 m2

The overall area is 1 456,3 m2

The executive area is 3 107 m2

The construction period (the year of finishing): 16.05.2018 – 01.09.2018 

The capacity of grain silos is 23 985 m2

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